Built to withstand rigorous usage, our Swing Lane Barrier is engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sturdy swing panels act as a physical barrier, effectively deterring unauthorized access and maintaining a high level of security in various environments.

Types of Swing Lane:

Customized Swing lane with palm reader

Simplify your entrance management with our Customized Swing Lane, which comes with a cutting-edge palm reader and is prepared to handle all of your entry control requirements securely and effectively.

Swing lane

A swing lane is a type of traffic lane that may shift its direction of flow at different times of the day to improve traffic flow. By taking into account peak-hour traffic patterns, this adaptable lane management method serves to decrease congestion and enhance traffic efficiency.

Man trap Swing lane with Face reader Dual authentication

A Man trap Swing lane with Face reader Dual authentication is a cutting-edge security access system.For dual authentication, it combines a swing gate or turnstile (man trap) with cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Passage is restricted to those with identification, improving security in sensitive places.

Man trap Swing lane with face reader
Dual authentication

A Man trap SwinIt has a regulated entrance point with modern facial recognition technology for dual identification, frequently with a swing gate or turnstile (the man trap). People must first reveal their faces for scanning in order to enter. Then, for further protection, a secondary authentication method like a card or PIN may be required.

Technical Specification:

Supply Voltage 230V AC ±10%
Power Consumption 15-80 Watts
Drive Technology BLDC / Stepper Motor Drive
Communication Protocol MODBUS TCP or RS485 or RS232
Integration 4 Inputs, 4 PFC outputs & Optional RS485
Access Time Out 0 – 15 sec (Adjustable)
Opening / Closing Time Less than 1 Sec
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Cabinet Material Available in Stainless Steel Grade 304/316 Or Mild Steel
Swing Arm material Toughen Glass or Polycarbonate
Cabinet Dimension L 1300mm * W 200mm * H 1000mm ±5%
Passage Width 600mm & 900mm (Adjustable)
Lane Indicator Built-in (Green or Red)
Throughput 30-35 persons/minute
M.C.B.F. 10 million cycles
Operating Temperature -10 to 55° C
Installation By anchor bolts on plain surface
Included Accessories Mains Cable, Foundation Bolts etc.
Optional Accessories CMOS Camera-Based Sensor, Face Detection Sensors,
Swing Arm with RGB LED, Digital IN-OUT Counter,
Wireless Remote, S.S. Railings, Canopy etc.