The intelligent control system of our Revolving Door ensures efficient flow management and security. It features adjustable settings to regulate the rotation speed, direction, and locking mechanisms, allowing for a smooth and controlled passage while maintaining a high level of security.

Customization is the cornerstone of our Revolving Door Security System, empowering you to tailor the setup to your specific requirements.

Specialty: Artificial Intelligence based

Technical Specification:

Supply Voltage  230V AC ±10%
Power Consumption   10-30 Watts
Drive Technology 120° Electro-Mechanical Drive
Communication Protocol USB or RS485 or RS232
Integration 4 Inputs, 4 PFC outputs
Access Time Out 0 – 15 sec (Adjustable)
Opening / Closing Time 3s/Person (appox. 22-23 person/minute)
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Cabinet Material Stainless Steel Grade 304/316/ Mild Steel and Toughened
Frosted Glass or Polycarbonate
Swing Arm material Aluminium
Cabinet Dimension L 1500mm * W 1500mm * H 2300mm ±5%
Passage Width >650mm
Lane Indicator Built-in (Green or Red)
Throughput 20-25 persons/minute
M.C.B.F. 10 million cycles
Operating Temperature -10 to 55° C
Installation By anchor bolts on plain surface
Included Accessories Mains Cable, Foundation Bolts etc.
Optional Accessories AI CMOS Camera-Based Sensor for Electronics Gadgets
Detection for High Security (eg. Pendrive, SSD, Electronic
Watch, Weapons, etc.)