Retractable flap barrier is a physical security device designed to control the flow of people in various environments, such as airports, train stations, office buildings, or stadiums. It consists of a series of retractable flaps or barriers that can be electronically controlled to allow or restrict access to a specific area.

One of the key highlights of our product line is the diverse range of designs along with customizaiton. We understand that different spaces have unique requirements and aesthetics, which is why we offer various models to suit your specific needs. From minimalist and streamlined designs to more robust and imposing options, our flap barriers can seamlessly integrate into any architectural setting.

Types of Flap Barrier:

Box: (tailgate , without tailgate)

  • Tailgate Version: Equipped to prevent unauthorized individuals from following closely behind an authorized person, also known as tailgating.
  • Without Tailgate Version: A basic flap barrier without specific tailgating prevention features.

Oval: (tailgate , without tailgate)

    •  Tailgate Version: Designed to prevent tailgating, ensuring only one person can pass through per valid authorization.
  • Without Tailgate Version: A version without specific tailgating prevention features.

Capsule (tailgate , without tailgate)

  • Tailgate Version: Built to deter tailgating by allowing only one person per valid authentication.
  • Without Tailgate Version: A version without specialized tailgating prevention mechanisms.

Soft flap (tailgate , without tailgate)

  • Tailgate Version: Engineered to hinder tailgating and maintain a controlled flow of individuals.
  • Without Tailgate Version: A version without dedicated tailgating prevention features.

Telescopic flap (tailgate, without tailgate)

  • Tailgate Version: Geared toward preventing tailgating and maintaining controlled access.
  • Without Tailgate Version: A version without specific tailgating prevention components.

Full height sliding flap (Optional Mantrap)

  • Full Height Version: Extends from floor to ceiling, providing enhanced security to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Optional Mantrap: A security feature that includes an enclosed space between two sets of barriers, allowing only one person at a time and enhancing security measures.

Speed length

This type likely focuses on providing a fast and efficient passage for authorized individuals.


A security measure involving a small enclosure with multiple doors, designed to ensure only one person can enter or exit at a time. It aids in controlling access and enhancing security.


Top Lid Black Glass / Acrylic / As per Interio
Feature In-built Anti-Tailgating Feature and Wrong Entry Detection
Supply Voltage 230V AC ±10%
Power Consumption 15-80 Watts
Drive Technology BLDC / Stepper Motor Drive
Communication Protocol MODBUS or RS485 or RS232
Access Time Out 0 – 15 sec (Adjustable)
Opening / Closing Speed < 800 mSec
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Cabinet Material Available in Stainless Steel Grade 304/316 Or Mild Steel
Flap Arm Material Toughened Glass or Polycarbonate
Cabinet Dimension L 1250mm * W 300mm * H 1000mm ± 5%
Passage Width 550mm
Lane Indicator Built-in (Green or Red)
Throughput e 35-40 persons/minute
Operating Temperature -10 to 55°C
Installation By anchor bolts on plain surface
M.C.B.F. 10 million cycles
Optional Accessories CMOS Camera-Based Sensor, Crawling Sensor, Jumping
Sensor, Flap Arm with RGB LED, Digital IN-OUT Counter,
Wireless Remote, S.S. Railings, Canopy, etc.