Tripod Turnstile by Safeguardian Security System is a reliable and technologically advanced solution for controlling pedestrian access in high-security environments. Our Tripod Turnstile combines robust construction with cutting-edge features to ensure optimal security and smooth flow management.

The Tripod Turnstile is designed with user convenience in mind. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and hassle-free operation for individuals passing through.

Types of Tripod:

Slim Turnstile

Slim turnstiles are distinguished by their small size and compact design. They are frequently employed in regions with limited space or where appearance is crucial. These turnstiles offer strong access control while remaining elegant and unobtrusive.

Box Turnstile

Box turnstiles are well-known for their strong and durable structure. They are built to last and are typically seen in high-traffic areas like stadiums, transit hubs, and industrial buildings. Access control and security are provided by these turnstiles.

Electro-Mechanical Turnstile

Motorised components are used in electromechanical turnstiles for automatic operation. They provide exact control over individual entry and leave, making them suited for applications requiring controlled access, such as office buildings and government institutions.

Elegant/Classic Turnstile

Turnstiles that are elegant or traditional combine usefulness with a beautiful design. They are frequently employed in luxury or architectural settings where aesthetics are important. These turnstiles provide effective access control while remaining stylish.

Technical Specification:

Supply Voltage   230V AC ±10%
Power Consumption   5-15 Watts
Drive Technology Electromechanical Drive or Motor Drive
Communication Protocol  MODBUS TCP or RS485 or RS232
Integration 4 Inputs, 4 PFC outputs & Optional RS485
Access Time Out 0 – 15 sec (Adjustable digitally)
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Cabinet Material Available in Stainless Steel Grade 304/316* Or Mild Steel
Arm material Stainless Steel Grade 304
Cabinet Dimension L 400mm * W 230mm * H 1000mm ±5%
Lane Indicator Built-in (Green or Red)
Throughput 35-40 persons/minute
M.C.B.F. 10 million cycles
Operating Temperature -10 to 55° C
Installation By anchor bolts on plain surface
Included Accessories Mains Cable, Foundation Bolts etc.
Optional Accessories CMOS Camera-Based Sensor, Crawling Sensor, Jumping
sensor, Digital IN-OUT Counter, Wireless Remote, S.S.
Railings, Canopy etc.