Tubestile Security System

Introducing Mantrap – an innovative and advanced access control solution designed to provide seamless and secure personnel entry. Mantrap revolutionizes access control with its cutting-edge features and intelligent design. With its dual zone safety mat and multiperson check algorithm, Mantrap ensures accurate detection of individuals and allows entry only when a single person is present. Experience the next level of access control with Mantrap, where convenience meets enhanced security.

Mantrap provides highest level of personnel access control, featuring advanced security parameters such as presence and passage detection as standard.

Application Areas of Tubestile Security System

Servers Room

Server rooms are monitored and secured by Tubestile Security Systems, safeguarding vital data and infrastructure.

Control Room

Controlled access to crucial control rooms is made possible by Tubestile Security Systems, improving operational security.


Strongrooms are reinforced by Tubestile Security Systems, which also provide sophisticated access control and significant asset theft prevention.

Clean Room

Tubestile Security Systems protect delicate manufacturing processes and preserve the integrity of cleanrooms by limiting access.

Turnstile at the entrance to subway

R&D Facility

In order to maintain a safe environment for innovation and research, R&D facilities that use Tubestile Security Systems protect intellectual property.

Credit Card Manufacturing

Credit card manufacturing facilities are secured by Tubestile Security Systems, limiting unauthorised access to private information and materials.

Sensitive manufacturing facility

By restricting access to authorised people and protecting crucial operations, Tubestile Security Systems improve security in sensitive production.


Customization is the cornerstone of our Tubestile Security System, empowering you to tailor the setup to your specific requirements.

Specialty: Artificial Intelligence based

Multi-Person Entry Prevention:

The Mantrap incorporates a dual zone safety mat, enabling the implementation of a multiperson check algorithm that detects the presence of multiple individuals within the Mantrap. In such instances, the second occupant is required to exit the passage, ensuring that only one person remains inside. Once the system verifies the presence of a single individual, the door closes, granting entry.

  • Passage Confirmation: Mantrap ensures seamless passage confirmation with synchronized door opening and closing, confirming movement from one side to another.
  • Power Failure: Mantrap operates in a fail-safe manner during power outages, allowing manual door opening for uninterrupted access.
  • Emergency Action: Mantrap promptly responds to emergency signals, automatically opening both doors for safe evacuation or access during emergency situations.

Technical Specification:

Supply Voltage 230V AC ±10%
Power Consumption 5-50 Watts
Drive Technology BLDC / Stepper Motor Drive
Lateral Glasses Acrylic / Polycarbonate / Toughen Glasses
Mobile Glass Door Acrylic / Polycarbonate / Toughen Glasses
Spot Light 20W Available
Communication Protocol MODBUS TCP or RS485 or RS232
Integration 4 Inputs, 4 PFC outputs & Optional RS485
Access Time Out 0 – 15 sec (Digitally Adjustable)
Emergency Push Button Available inside the Trap
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Cabinet Material Available in Stainless Steel Grade 304/316 Or Mild Steel
Cabinet Dimension L 1000mm * W 1000mm * H 2400mm ±5%
Passage Width 600mm
Lane Indicator Built-in (Green or Red)
Throughput 5-6 dependent on access control system
M.C.B.F. 1 million cycles
Operating Temperature -10 to 55° C
Installation By anchor bolts on plain surface
Included Accessories Mains Cable, Foundation Bolts etc.
Optional Accessories CMOS Camera-Based Sensor, Digital IN-OUT Counter,
Wireless Remote,S.S. Railings, Canopy etc